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It’s me, Tanja Stephani

I am a freelance illustrator, a sculptor, an artist and a bluegrass bass player, living and work in a old farmhouse, on a mountain in Switzerland, with pets ,

lovely husband,  growing up childrens and  an fabulous grandmother.

I made a training  after artschool as an graphic designer, in the early eighties without computer, that’s how I learned to do all by hand, lettering, illustration...

 My worksteps are first to imagine a character, second illustrating it on paper and third, bring it to life in three dimensions with paperclay.

I use all kind of materials, and love to explore new media as procreate too.

The magic of giving life to my characters, in illustrations or three-dimensional, gives me a wonderful feeling.


When I’m not drawing, you can find me in a huge garden, in the forest, on the ground playing with my pets, or sitting together with family and friends playing music.

I will say I’m a happy kind of person.

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